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Silicone Makeup Blender is the future of silidrop makeup application in women's makeup

Makeup sponge that mimics the feeling of application using the fingers, but with a better surface and hygienic thanks to its siliucone material.

Silicone sponge is a product particularly ideal for make-up artists


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  • Our unique silicone sponge with printed finger grips, for professional control when makeup in makeup will be perfect to replace your makeup brushes, make- up palette , professional make- up brushes.

    MULTIPLE USE - The silicone sponge works well with almost all types of foundations, powder,   BB cream ... And will find a place in your makeup bag or make-up pouch thanks to its ideal size!

    EASY TO CLEAN - Just wash it off quickly with soap and warm water after cleaning, ready to go next time! Clean, sterilize and reuse your blender in minutes, without the inconvenient drying time of a sponge.

    GLAMZA beauty blender - We bring the highest quality available to our customers and strive to provide world-class customer service.

    With over 10,000 trusted reviews, we know you'll be overwhelmed!

    Silicone makeup applicator .1x Silicone sponge. Makeup sponge and makeup mixer.

    "Silicone Makeup Blender is the future of makeup application"

    "Better than a brush and sponge, this makeup applicator does not absorb the product while perfectly blending your makeup, it mimics the feel of applying with fingers but with better surface and hygienic. Makeup

    Be one of the first to try this revolutionary new tool. Easy to clean, sterilize and reuse in minutes, without the inconvenient drying time of a sponge. "

    The silicone makeup blender was designed to eliminate wasted makeup and apply makeup perfectly. While the sponge applicators absorb large amounts of makeup during the application, the silicone style applies perfectly and mixes your foundation, blush, highlighter and concealer without absorbing a single drop! Only half the amount of product is needed compared to a traditional sponge or brush applicator.

    Suitable for professional or home use.