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FAQ - Frequently asked Question, support for beginners:

A few words of introduction

1) About us:

The idea for our store was created a few years ago in 2017 for various reasons that were initially irrelevant, but over time became the main motivators to build something new and unique.

Currently, the store will start operating at the turn of 2023 and 2024. It is still being developed and modernized.
The main features that distinguish us are the pursuit of quality services and products, diversity and unique style, and the fight against giga corporations and their sick rules. Showing that there is always another way and alternative for the customer, and the greater the diversity, the better. The easy path doesn't always mean the right choice.

We operate from the United Kingdom.
Currently, we serve clients from England (UK) and we focus on this area.

2) Registration in the Evil Girl UK Store: -- Creating an account
  - In order to use our services and make purchases, you must create an account on our website by correctly completing the registration form.
- After completing this step, log in to your email address that was provided during the account creation process and then find an email from us with a veryfication link in your inbox and verify the correctness of your email address by clicking on the link or copying the link and pasting it into browser address bar. (if there is no email in the main directory, please check the subdirectories or the directory called "spam", or wait an additional 5 minutes, not all emails arrive immediately. )

Link to create an account:
If the registration process fails. You can contact us to delete your account (only if your account has not been verified)
To allow you to try again to create an account in our store.
Or you can use other email accounts to create a new account.

3) Login to the EGS - Evil Girl Store.
- Logging in is done by providing the correct Login (email address) and password.
The email address must be verified first. See the section on account registration.

Link to Login page:

- It is also possible to log in via other social networking sites and websites.

  Please always check whether the address to which the order is placed is your current address.

3) Delivery:
We deliver our products throughout England using Royal Mail and in the near future we plan to add the option of collecting parcels via parcel lockers.

The average delivery time is approximately a few days to a week. We are in no rush and we hope our clients are not in a hurry either. I will make every effort to complete orders as quickly as possible, but not at any cost! Principles and style are more important to us than some sick rules.

On average, order processing and shipping takes less than 24 hours.
We currently do not offer international shipping.

4) Payment methods:
We currently accept electronic forms of payment via:
  - Stripe payment
  - PayPal payment

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5) Loyalty Points
The Loyaltt Poiny system at - Store online is available to every customer.

  Every customer purchasing will receive   a certain amount of points for purchased goods.
Points that will be accumulated can be use as a discount on subsequent purchases.
To be able to use "Loyalty Points"   basket value must be 6£.

All points taken have a date of tightness This is 2 years before the end of which must be spent.

We invite you to shop in our store !!! We hope that you will find something for yourself and have a nice time with us.

Have a nice day, ;)

Team Evil Girl UK - Store

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